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Pandora Box Listing
[Image: 3115426_20180731085947.png]

What is Pandora Box [Image: 22721.gif]?


Pandora box is a box contained full official headgear (not costume) for player to start their journey better.



What is inside [Image: 22721.gif]?


here is list of Pandora Box:



[Image: 18509.gif] RWC 2010 Indonesia

       Midgard Serpent Hat

       MVP Basketball

[Image: 5451.gif] RWC 2008 Dragon Helm Gold

[Image: 18561.gif] Black Feather Beret

       White Dropping Eddga hat

[Image: 5497.gif] King Tiger Doll Hat

       Fox Ears Bell Ribbon

       Valkyrie Circlet

[Image: 18600.gif] Cat Ear Beret

       Queen Anne Revenge

[Image: 18570.gif] Ancient Gold Ornament

       Husky Hat

[Image: 19178.gif] Elemental Crown

[Image: 19157.gif] Dropping Rebellion

[Image: 18601.gif] Red Bread Hat

[Image: 18528.gif] Dropping Neko Crew

[Image: 18539.gif] Skill Cap

[Image: 5464.gif] Zaha Doll


[Image: 19126.gif] Magical Booster [1]

       Kardui Ear

[Image: 18603.gif] Black Devil Mask [1]

[Image: 5516.gif] Hawk Eyes

[Image: 19086.gif]Robo Eye [1[

       Seraphim Coronet

[Image: 19085.gif] Sigrun Wing [1]

       Gambler Seal

       Protect Feather

       Imperial Feather



[Image: 18670.gif] Hankie in Mouth

[Image: 18936.gif] Golden Fish in Mouth

[Image: 5463.gif] Rainbow Scarf

[Image: 5548.gif] Scarlett Rose

       Angeling Bubble

[Image: 18666.gif] CD in Mouth

       Chatty Parrot

[Image: 18536.gif]Foxtail

[Image: 18564.gif] Love Piece

[Image: 5767.gif] Samurai Mask


[Image: 19152.gif] Angelring Balloon

       Survive Orb

       Yellow Scarf

Any other headgear will be updated, please kindly suggest GameMaster for it..


 Enjoy ~ !!

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