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Secret level and Cooking
[Image: 3115426_20180731085947.png]
[ Secret Level and Cooking Recipe ]

This is unique system will let player to create their own healing item or maybe buff item.. by increasing level you could cook the better items too.
1. secret level is gain by using Secret Bubble Gum and it will drop by All MVP by 1% chance (special drop)

Note: If you are premium user, you can claim it from VIP manager every 24 hours.
[Image: screen_Secret-_RO_World007.jpg]
2. each level increased, you will obtain new recipe.. and you can cook new item yourself
Please use @slvl to view show this message
[Image: screen_Secret-_RO_World008.jpg]
Each level has 100 exp points
Each Secret Bubble gum increase 10 exp points
[Image: 12600.gif]Cooking Recipe:

Level 1[Image: 12322.gif] Chocolate Pie
Ingredients: [Image: 558.gif] Chocolate, [Image: 553.gif] Bun

Level 2[Image: 663.gif] Korean Rice Cake
Ingredients: [Image: 550.gif] Rice cake, [Image: 520.gif] Hinalle Leaflet

Level 3[Image: 12293.gif] Dried Yggdrasilberry

Ingredients: [Image: 582.gif] Orange, [Image: 610.gif] Yggdrasil Leaf

Level 4[Image: 22657.gif] Honey Songpyun
Ingredients: [Image: 553.gif] Bun, [Image: 518.gif] Honey

Level 5[Image: 22773.gif] Piranha Skewer
Ingredients: [Image: 579.gif] Fresh Fish, [Image: 516.gif]Sweet Potato

Level 6[Image: 12337.gif] Grilled Sausage

Ingredients: [Image: 6254.gif] Beef Head, [Image: 6249.gif] Savage Meat

Level 7[Image: 17272.gif] Biscuit Box (get 1 random biscuit)
Ingredients: [Image: 536.gif] Icre Cream, [Image: 568.gif] Lemon

Level 8[Image: 12234.gif] Fierce Cacao 99%

Ingredients: [Image: 7182.gif] Cacao, [Image: 521.gif] Aloe Leaflet

Level 9[Image: 12257.gif] Cold Medicine
Ingredients: [Image: 6253.gif] Cold Ice, [Image: 7936.gif] Poison Herb Scoporia

Level 10:  [Image: 12589.gif] Font Collection Box

Ingredients: [Image: 6091.gif] Darkred Scale Piece, [Image: 2542.gif] Flame manteau of Naght Sieger

4. All of these items effect are base on Ratemyserver.net except boxes
Enjoy ~ !!

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