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Instance Point
[Image: 3115426_20180731085947.png]
[Instance Warper and Point]


Instance warper is use to warp into instances that available on Server.


[Image: screen_Secret-_RO_World000.jpg]


Current instances are updated except for Banquet of Heroes (some features are not release yet)
Some of instances are not having any story line, and player can just use this warper for shorten time.


Listed instance that give point:

1. Bakonawa Lake

2. Buwaya Cave

3. Charleston Crisis

4. Devil Tower

5. FaceWorm Nest

6. Horror Toy Factory

7. Bios Island

8. Last Room

9. Morse Cave

10. Nightmarish Jitterbug

11. Old Glast Heim

12. Sarah and Fenrir

13. Temple of Demon God

14. Wolfchev Lab


What is Instance point for? Instance point can be use in instance shop.. item listed will changed every week or month depends on seasonal item...

every party member who join instance will also get instance point..



Enjoy ~ !!

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